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I'm Holly Ann: wife, daughter, sister, aunt, teacher, photographer, lover of the color pink, iced coffee, and tacos, but my favorite title of all is mommy. My journey to motherhood has been both heartbreaking and beautiful, and it all began when my daughter Magnolia was born a sleeping angel on January 18, 2021. The moment her heart stopped, I promised that mine would continue to beat in her honor. This page is dedicated to her. On February 24, 2022, Magnolia blessed us with her little sister Marigold, our rainbow baby. Being their mom is my greatest accomplishment.


If you are here to inquire my photography, find my photography page at



Our love for our angel grows in every way. We feel her around us each and every day.


Though she seems so far away, she’s really very near. Just look for the signs that remind us she is here.


We see her beauty in the flowers, and we feel her presence in the sunset. She sends us her love from above, so we never have to forget.


Plant seeds of kindness and watch them grow, spread positivity and love to everyone you know. 


Think of her often and say her name, pay it forward, and encourage others to do the same.


She is loved by so many even from inside the womb, but she was too perfect for Earth, so in Heaven she will bloom.


Every day I will strive to Bloom Like Magnolia.

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